The Nobles Community

Reflections from Chris Pratt ‘10
Nobles Math Faculty, Boys Soccer Coach and Admission Officer

I struggled at first to find my place here at Nobles. With so many talented students around me I wasn’t sure where I fit. At that time soccer was a large part of my identity and after being one of the last cuts from Varsity tryouts I was feeling lost, but then something great happened to me; I was placed in Chris Burr’s English class. Everyday stepping into that classroom, I didn’t feel the need to question where I belonged because in those fifty minutes I knew exactly where I wanted to be. Mr. Burr was able to create a community in his classroom. It was a place where I knew I belonged and felt safe to express my thoughts. He made it a point to take an interest in each of his student’s lives. He had a desire to know everything he could about us and a passion to push his students to get to know themselves better. This desire wasn’t just reserved for his classroom either. In the hallways he would go out of his way to stop and have a conversation with me. He would attend my JV soccer games and recap the games the next day with me. And while these gestures seem small and he might have not realized it at the time they had a profound impact on my experience here at Nobles. It was in those moments that I knew I would always have someone supporting me. This is why I chose Nobles. Over the next four years the relationships I would foster with my teachers, like those I had with Nick Nickerson in AB Calculus and Steve Ginsberg on the soccer field, would come to define the greatest and most rewarding part of my Nobles experience.

As I enter my second year as a faculty member at Nobles I think back on those first couple days and weeks and can’t help but smile. Smile because I realize now those fears were shared, in some capacity, with every other student around me. And smile because I know those experiences I had in the few weeks will become a microcosm for all of the incredible things that I love about this place.

You may think they stop being your teachers after you graduate but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your connection to this place and with the teachers that have helped guide you through the formative years of your life only continue to grow stronger. Making the decision to come to Nobles means inheriting a community as well as mentors for the rest of your life.

Chris Pratt ’10 in the classroom

Noble and Greenough School

Noble and Greenough School