Happy Birthday, Nobles!

Throughout this school year and into next fall, members of the Nobles community will take part in events to mark the school’s sesquicentennial or 150th birthday.

Here are a few of the events planned for the sesquicentennial:

The school’s Senior Writer, Joyce Eldridge, is writing a school history that will be published this spring. The new book will also include Richard T. Flood’s “The Story of Noble and Greenough School”, which was written in 1966 on the occasion of the school’s centennial.

Archivist Isa Schaff, is working on campus displays to showcase the school’s history.

Music Director Michael Turner and Nobles graduate Sam Forman ’95 have written a new school song to be unveiled this year and performed by students.

A special sesquicentennial art show is in the works for Foster Gallery, under the leadership of John Dorsey.

Athletic Director Alex Gallagher is also planning ways to showcase the school’s 150th birthday on the athletic fields and on uniforms worn by our student-athletes.

In the spring, the class of 2016, the 150th class of Noble and Greenough School, will graduate.

In September 2016, we will celebrate Founder’s Day to mark the 150th anniversary of the school’s opening in Boston in 1866.

These are just a few of the sesquicentennial plans, but we hope that you will agree that this is going to be an exciting year to visit Nobles! We look forward to seeing you.