Coeducation and the Nobles Mission

At Noble and Greenough School, our excitement about learning and our commitment to students translate to extraordinary intellectual and personal growth in young people. Academics at Nobles are challenging—yet our community balances high expectations with joy in the classroom, on the playing fields and on stage. Always, the Nobles experience is anchored in authentic relationships between students and faculty. From college counselors to coaches to academic advisors and others, students are surrounded by adults who know them well—and care about their health and success. Nobles also believes deeply in service and in community, broadly defined. EXCEL, our experiential learning program, is one avenue through which we support our mission to inspire leadership for the public good.

Our diverse, coeducational community is also central to our mission. At Nobles, students learn to collaborate confidently and effectively with students of different genders, backgrounds and identities. Our curriculum and programs demand that students engage in open discourse, consider disparate viewpoints, articulate their views respectfully and grapple with challenging topics of our rapidly evolving world. Our school community provides students with the academic and interpersonal skills to to make a positive impact on local and global communities after graduation. We believe that optimal learning occurs when school life mirrors the complexity of our society. We believe that learning to recognize different learning and communications styles and strengthsand negotiate and value those differencesis crucial to becoming a leader.

Here are some thoughts from our seniors on why coeducation is a critical part of the Nobles experience:

“Our life after school is gender diverse. In life and in jobs, we will work with different genders. It is crucial that we develop this skill as part of our school education.” Hillary Umphrey ’17

“It goes without saying that girls and boys can grow up differently and with different experiences, and I think a coed school brings all of these experiences together and really allows everyone to learn from one another and gain new perspectives.” Gabby McCarthy ’17

“Coeducation brings together different perspectives and adds another level of diversity to the student body. This is important for learning because students benefit from a diversity of ideas – in and out of the classroom.” Ian Harris ’17

“Diversity in the classroom is a key part of understanding people of different backgrounds. Without coeducation, we prevent ourselves from understanding the world through a lens other than our own.” Maura McLaughlin ’17

“The world is diverse, and so many of society’s successes come from men and women working together.” Amelia Patterson ’17

“I think that coeducation is important because girls (or boys if you are a girl) provide a new perspective on both the world and our school community.” Matt Abate ’17

“I think that, especially at this age, boys and girls often look at things differently. I’ve learned a lot by listening to boys’ perspectives in class. I also think that is helps us to develop socially too. Growing up with guys and having close guy friends has been such an important part of my life.” Helena Jensen ’17

“I definitely think that, in some ways, most guys and girls are wired differently. Having these different types of thinkers absolutely fosters a more diverse and ultimately more productive learning environment.” Max Keating ’17